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Siping- a cultural place for you

by Stella on 2016-06-27 14:17:27

Siping City


It is the third largest city in Jilin province, lying to the southwest part of Jilin province. 36 minority peoples can be found living in here, and the Man, Menggu, Hui and Korea people are the most. It enjoys a long history and profound cultural background. And it remains many cultural relics. It is also the birthplace of the Queen of Cixi in Qing dynasty.



Scenic spots

Erlong Lake 

People are impressed with its clear water and blue sky. It is the biggest reservoir in Jilin province. Its forest covering rate is 96%, and awarded as the city oxygen bar. Here you can see beautiful scenery, peaceful surroundings and nice climate. Now it becomes a resort of traveling and relaxing. Moreover, there is a ruin of ancient city called Yancheng. It is the witness of the Qing dynasty.


Yehe Town

It is surrounded by rivers and mountains, and it is home to the three queens in ancient China. It has beautiful scenery and long histroy. It likes an old man telling you many stories about the ancient China. 


Yintong Man nation Display Center

It was built in 25th June 1987. It is the only display center for Man nation's cultural relica s and traditions in China. So far, it has contained more than 3000 items with 610 kinds. Many people from different countries such as America, Russia, Japan and Korean speak favorably of it. 


The living expense here is very cheap, and if you are attracted by it, you can choose to travel here or apply a university to study. The Jilin Normal University is a best choice fo r you to choose. High teaching quality and high graduate rate for hotel management and international chinese education. 


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