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Software Engineering Taught in English in Various Locations for Students Abroad
By sally on 2019-05-05

1. Location: Tianjin 


This program is designed to cultivate internationalized and advanced software engineers with a profound understanding of advanced and practical software development methods techniques, and tools related to each phrase of software development cycles and to equip students with comprehensive knowledge related to information technology and expertise in certain specialty.

Main courses for Master:

Public Courses:

Chinese Culture. Comprehensive Chinese 1. Foundation of Engineering Mathematics. Project Management. Java 8 Programming with the FX libraries. Computer Architecture. Advanced Data Mining, Data Fusion and its Applications.

Practical Training:

Practical Project Training. Project Report.

Specialized Courses:

Data and Information Visualization. Algorithmics and Informatics. Web-based Knowledge Representation. Distributed System and Cloud Computing. Comprehensive Chinese 2 (optional).

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:30000RMB/Y for 2.5 years

Application fee: 420 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

You Yuan Hostel: Single Room: RMB 60 (Per Person Per Day).


2.Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang province


The style of soft engineering in this school:”Being strict in qualifications for graduates;making every endeavor in educating students.”From “the Cradle of Engineers” to “International First-rate Innovative Talents” as its goal, the university’s graduates have been popular among employers throughout China and the world. More than 200,000 graduates have stepped into society and many have moved up to high-ranking positions. They work as specialists in the fields of science and technology, education, and economics. A number of graduates have become leaders of the CPC and have assumed government positions at different levels in different fields at home and abroad. The university alumni can be found among the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering ,as well as the generals of the PLA. Our graduates are making great achievements and creating wonders in all areas of society, enhancing the prosperity of China and the world.

Main courses for Doctor:

Software Service engineering.

Software engineering and software architecture.

Software trustworthiness and reliability.

Intelligent software theory and machine learning.

Business intelligence and data mining.

Field of software engineering.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:42000RMB/Y for 4 years

Application fee: 400 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

International Students Dormitory:

Double Room:

RMB 600 (RMB600/month/bed (excluding electricity fee)).


3.Location: Chongqing province 


This two-year program aims to prepare students for careers in the fields of software engineering, including requirement analysis and software design, software development and integration, the quality evaluation of software systems, software systems maintenance, software project management etc. It is expected that graduates will become well trained multi-disciplinary application software engineering professionals, and they may have the ability to seek their professional career in the global software industry.

On completion of a Master of Software Engineering, the graduates are expected to have the following knowledge and specialized skills:

Having knowledge in R&D of software systems;

Being capable of carrying out tasks in analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluating, and maintenance of complex software systems;

Applying software engineering methodologies and standards to practice, and taking the standards as the basis of communication and cooperation in a team;

Having ability to manage software engineering projects and evaluate quality of software systems.

Main courses for Master:


Introduction to Software Studio(C++). Advanced Software Engineering. Operating Systems Design. Software Testing Foundation. Software Project Management. Foundation of Applied Mathematics. Chinese Language. Chinese Culture.


Information Systems Architecture. Advanced Software Engineering Studio. Software Documentation. Software Processes. Global Software Development. Computer Networks Engineering and Management. Requirements Engineering. Software Architecture. Advanced Database Design. Data Mining. Web Development Technology. Network and Information Security. Software System Design.


Fee structure:

Tuition fee: 35000RMB/Y for 2 years

Application fee: 400 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

Songlinpo International House:

Double Room: RMB 2,500 (Per semester).

Single Room: RMB 5,000 (Per semester).

NO.6 Lanyuan:

Double Room: RMB 2,500 (Per semester).

Single Room: RMB 5,000 (Per semester).
Xuelin Hotel

Double RoomRMB 2,500 (2500 RMB pay by semester,5000 RMB pay by academic year).

Single Room: RMB 5,000 (5000 RMB pay by semester,10000 RMB pay by academic year).


4.Location: Chongqing


A national key comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China. One of the 211 project; universities (top 100 universities in the 21th century gaining preferential support in the construction and development from the Central Government of China). Strong discipline profile: </strong>12 disciplinary categories, covering 55 first class disciplines, 3 national key disciplines, 37 provincial or ministry key disciplines, 107 bachelor’s degree programs. Strong faculty profile: Nearly 2,700 full time teachers, over 1800 professors and associate professors; 300 PhD supervisors, over 1200 masters degree tutors. Studying at SWU Chongqing costs you much less because the consumption level in Chongqing is comparatively much lower than in most other cities, and the tuition fee at SWU is comparatively lower than that at many other universities in China. Delicious food: Chongqing cuisine is popular with people from all over the world for its beautiful outlook, fragrant smell, good taste. Ideal studying environment: National famous garden-style campus located near Jialing River and Jinyun Mountain.

Main courses for Bachelor:

Advanced Mathematics. Computing Essentials. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving*. Introduction to Programming(.NET). Introduction to Web development. Discrete Mathematics. Object Oriented Programming(C++). Class Library and Data Structure. Introduction to Database System. Game Fundamental. Java Programming Language. Computer Networks. System Analysis and Design. Principle of Operating System. Software Requirement Engineering. Introduction to Software Engineering*. Enterprise Software Development (J2EE). Software Development Practice. Software Testing. Software Project Management.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee: 22000RMB/Y for 4 years

Application fee: 400 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

International Student Apartment:

Double Room : RMB 34 ((RMB) 5,000 per semester. If you pay your accommodation fee by year, it is (RMB) 9,000 per person.)

Single Room: RMB 47 ((RMB) 7,000 per semester. If you pay your accommodation fee by year, it is (RMB) 12,000 per person.)



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