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Last Scholarship in Hangzhou for International Students
By Stella on 2019-06-21

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 



Undergraduate Program: 20,000 RMB

Language Program: 6,000 RMB


Major and Tuition:


Chinese Language Course: 5,400 RMB per semester; 10,800 RMB per academic year



Single room: 850 RMB per month(excluding water and electricity)

Double room: 450 RMB per month(excluding water and electricity)


Application Documents:

1. Application form

2. Copy of Valid Passport

3. Copy of Visa and Residence Permit in China (if possible)

4. Latest Academic Certificate and Transcripts

5. Bank statement with 20000RMB-50000RMB in your bank account

6. Non-criminal Record/Police Clearance Certificate

7. Physical Examination Paper/Health Certificate


Application Deadline: June 30, 2019

If you want to apply, please contact Stella for more details:

Tel: +86 17767072959
Wechat: StudyInChina1 

QQ: 2853662501

What's App: +86 17767072959

Facebook/Instagram: Stella Cuecc


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