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First Experience in China

Re: First experience in China


With this message, I want to thank you very much Stella diligence you made to my request to help me to get admission in prestigious universities in China.

We met in my efforts to college on the websites searched. She was in line to help those who need more information and since then she worked hard, going up to give me his Skype so that we can communicate more easily and I was reassured and facilitated my visit to China. Without it, I may have lost more time and money, and I want to say it helped me until I get back in my university and I am running for the office of foreign students our university.

Therefore, I began to discover China for the first time.

  At first, I'll talk about the feelings that I have experienced in China.

  I would say that living away from home requires a lot of sacrifice, renunciation and moderation. This and get away from those you love, start a new adventure with all the risks that entails. We do not recognize themselves in the new culture, way of life, in short we are in an uncomfortable situation.

China has long provided a fundamental role in education. As Jacques Genet, education is from the 'Han' one of the foundations of political order and social harmony.

Confucius is probably the one that has the greatest impact on Chinese thinking on education. His teachings emphasize the need for harmony in society: living in harmony with others, both in the family is the natural model par excellence in the rest of society. This is an education based on the example are passed the five moral virtues, pillars of the establishment and maintenance of social harmony respectful hierarchical relationships. I found a very good quality of education in China, and what strikes me most about teaching is that they have the expertise and knowledge to be leading today this result, c that is to say the development of the country today.

Following the proper education in China, I tried to get elected to come here to continue my studies in the field of Mechatronics Engineering which is a very advanced country in this sector.

Once engineer on this field, I would help industrial enterprises to better my country and open up to the world.

China is a country of reference not only on the development and especially on education to foreigners. They there's rare gestures that are very difficult to find in other countries but I find in China.

It is only here in China I found that if you have any questions or problems you cannot solve because of the language or anything, it leaves everything to help you, and until the problem  is not resolved it will not leave you.

I ask myself where is can we find a country like China, and then I'll answer myself.

I feel very comfortable at school to students and teachers. These treat us like members of their family. They help us and they want our success.

To this end, I would argue my discipline, my will and my determination to do everything possible to succeed.

Thanking you on your attention to my letter, please accept, Madam / Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.

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